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Victorinox wristwatches

In 1884 Karl Elsener began his business in his cutlery workshop in Ibach in the municipality of Schwyz. For the first time in 1891, the company, supplied the Soldier’s knife ”Swiss Army Knife” to the Swiss Army. And it went on to develop, in 1897, the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife, laying the foundation for a thriving company capable of playing a role in the global spotlight. Today VictorInox is an international company with multiple product categories. Victorinox produces Swiss Army Knives, household and professional knives, watches and more. VictorInox Watches, like all Victorinox products feature high quality and high strength using the highest quality manufacturing standards to achieve maximum functionality in durability. Victorinox strongest watch ever made. Victorinox products are watches equipped with some of the most durable steel bracelets in the world. It withstands water, temperature changes, shocks and pressure. The company guarantees that its watches meet the highest production standards and that the quality is always impeccable.

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